Introduction to GlammFire

The GlammFire Company

GlammFire fireplaces are always seen as the heart of the home.  

The story of GlammFire began 10 years ago. Ten years of fulfillment and expectations, where its innovative philosophy and culture, cutting-edge technology, and Portuguese design and craftsmanship play an important role in keeping GlammFire ​​at the forefront of fireplace design—shaping the magic of fire.

Founded in 2008 in Northern Portugal, GlammFire ​​is a world-class luxury fireplace brand that represents Portuguese design as well as modern/contemporary style. As one of the most desirable fireplace brands in the world, GlammFire ​​specializes in the development and manufacture of unique fireplaces that fit a new lifestyle—present in over 50 markets around the world.

The desire for greater demand and efficiency, the search for difference, materialized in the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to the environment are the details present in each GlammFire ​​product.

The People

GlammFire ​​is only as good as its people. Behind this exclusive brand is a team of passionate and specialized people. GlammFire selects the best artisans who dedicate themselves to each product as if they were works of art being treated. The knowledge of decades is deposited in every work through the experienced and wise hands of masters.

GlammFire staff member in factory

If its products are always seen as the heart of the house, people are the soul of its company.  GlammFire places a lot of importance on providing them with every opportunity and condition necessary for both professional and personal development. Here, where creativity and motivation are vital to its culture and brand, gender equality, diversity, female empowerment, and active citizenship are always encouraged and taken into account. In this matter, trying to set an example is one of its main goals.

The Quality

The Quality Management System certification, obtained according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, attests to the high-quality standards used in the development and manufacture of products, as well as the company's methodology that ensures the confidentiality of its customers. 

GlammFire does not mass produce or deliver the products the next day. It takes all the necessary time to transform iron and steel into true works of art that add value to every space. Time and love are deposited in each of the fireplaces that leave its factory and are distributed by the most exclusive homes and locations around the world. 

Always driven by its Culture of Exclusivity, GlammFire dedicates more and more time to the protection of the Earth and environmental sustainability, through a set of measures and best environmental practices to safeguard the rational use of energy resources, reduce emissions and promote adequate waste management.

The GlammFactory

Every GlammFire ​​fireplace is hand-built. Reason for saying: No one knows a GlammFire ​​fireplace like the artisans who built it. Only its specialized technicians are able to bring to life the most Exclusive Fireplaces in the World—combining ancient, sometimes ancestral, techniques with cutting-edge technology and materials. Once finished, each fireplace undergoes a series of rigorous tests and quality control checks before being ready for delivery.

With over 5,500 square meters and over 35 employees, GlammFactory has light, airy, and spacious work areas. There is a whole lighting that creates a stimulating work environment. 

New Exclusive Products

Due to its hedonistic and dancing fire, GlammFire ​​plays an essential role in the national and international promotion of Portuguese design. As pioneers and innovators, GlammFire loves to share its philosophy and stance in everything they do. Especially on its products.

Thanks to the characteristics for which it's recognized: Innovation, Exclusivity, Excellence, Rigor, Quality, Talent, Experience of Elegance, and the continuous reinvention of its production, at the aesthetic and technical level. GlammFire rethought the way it produces new exclusive products and how they use new materials—premium to shape the magic of fire and take the prestige of Portuguese culture and design further. More than reimagining, GlammFire always tries to make a noticeable impact through its new exclusive products.

The Crea7ion: Line of Perfection

It is designed to emphasize the unique and continuous expressions of the flame. Crea7ion is an electronic system with innovative technology, which stands out by its simple design, practical functionality, and low consumption. Its structure and solidity ensure a perfectly safe and linear flame, while its ecological character keeps a respectful commitment to the environment, contributing to pleasant comfort and well-being. Crea7ion can be integrated into virtually any environment or in different types of structures. A system is totally safe for projects led by architects, decorators, and interior designers. 

  • Simplicity. The new ingredients introduced by Crea7ion allow it to adapt to different surroundings, where the performance of its flame promotes the aesthetics of the places. It’s simple and easy to install, does not require a chimney, ducts, or tubes, does not produce smoke, dirt, or odors, does not need electrical installation and connexion, and is simple and practical to maintain. It is guaranteed to adapt to indoor and outdoor areas. 
  • Intelligence. Crea7ion brings dynamism and functionality. Its dimensional structure expresses the skill of GlammFire to develop innovative products with better functional performance. The intelligent placement of the components optimizes the performance of Crea7ion, allowing practical and simple handling. 
    • Crea7ion—Electronic: Remote control; Electronic ignition via remote control; Control intensity of the flame via remote control. 
    • Crea7ion—Mechanical: Mechanical ignition via lighter; Control intensity of the flame via valve knob. 
  • Performance. The performance of Crea7ion is faithful to innovation that promises. Its characteristics give it excellent efficiency: the tank of 3 liters, in combination with a flow control pump, delivers a precise quantity of fuel at various points, suitably located in the burning zone, thereby providing an extraordinary performance. The quantity of fuel sent to the burning zone is controlled via remote control - flame adjustment. 
  • Customization. The most substantive feature of Crea7ion shows all the essence and functionality of the revolutionary system. With a strong adaptive and versatile capacity, Crea7ion incorporates a variety of electronic components that further facilitate the use of your decorative fireplace, allowing a relaxed and comfortable interaction in flame control. 
  • Economy. Embodying a new technology of combustion Crea7ion reduces bioethanol consumption to its maximum, through an internal system of regulation of the flame, which allows people to enjoy all its potential at a lower cost.
  • Fuel Management. Narrow combustion fire line - the combustion takes place with a minimum fuel quantity; Low power consumption - lower cost
    • Autonomy (hours): 
        • 250 mm (with 2 liters) —6:30 hours
        • 400 mm (with 3 liters) —6 hours
        • 600 mm (with 3 liters) —4 hours
        • 800 mm (with 3 liters) —3 hours 
  • Safety. The strict technological security ensures high and effective performance, being an essential feature in the design of GlammFire products. And you feel it! Incorporating the best technology Crea7ion provides unique sensations of comfort and well-being. 
  • Ecology. The Eco-Technology of Crea7ion promotes the efficient use of bioethanol as a renewable energy source. 


Bioethanol or simply "ethanol", as fuel for the operation of fireplaces, is produced through the fermentation of products of vegetal origin like sugar cane, potatoes, sugar beet, and cereals, among others. It is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming. Hence, the name "bio" ethanol.

At first glance, this may cause you some concern and insecurity. However, if you think about it, these are the products produced by our breathing. This is one of the reasons that make the combustion of bioethanol clean and complete. Apart from bioethanol, no other fuel should be used. The use of inappropriate fuel can lead to the emission of irritating gases or soot, or even toxic gases that are detrimental to your health.

  • Key Benefits of Bioethanol
    • No chimney required
    • Easy installation
    • Profitability
    • Simple cleaning
    • Ecological and sustainable
    • No smell released

Types of Bioethanol Burners

  1. Bioethanol Burner I 
    • Tank 2 liters (Liquid Bioethanol) | Power 2.7 KW
    • Dimension -  292mm diameter
    • Burner I is a manual burner. It includes a lighter and a special key to turn ON and OFF the burner. It does not include any technology or remote control. You must use a funnel and a mug to refill with bioethanol.

Watch | Burner I: GlammFire Bioethanol Fireplaces - How to Light - YouTube 

Example of finished model: GlammFire Perola 

  1. Crea7ion EVOPlus Fire Round Burner
    • Tank 10 liters (Liquid Bioethanol) | Power 2-4 KW | Ignition Mode - Remote control
    • Dimension - 500mm diameter
    • Fire Round is an electronic burner. It is from the range Crea7ionEVOPlus which is the most developed in terms of technology. It includes a remote control, display, and local filling system which means you press the button and it refills automatically from the bioethanol bottle. The option of a home automation connection is available. Different finishes are available. Several sensors are included for safety (e.g. vibration, overheating, leakage, and more.) If the burner detects any anomaly, the system automatically shuts down and the error code will appear on the display. Lithium battery included. 
    • Reminder: For countries with too much humidity, we do not recommend the Fire Round outdoors as it may damage the electronic components. We suggest you to use the included protection cover.

Watch | Fire Round: GlammFire | Crea7ionEVOPlus Fire Round - YouTube

Example of finished model: GlammFire Thales

Different Fuel Types

  • Firewood/Charcoal. You have a combustion zone where you’ll put firewood or charcoal and light up yourself as a normal fireplace.
  • Gas. You may choose butane, propane, LPG or natural gas (same price). The connection must be made by a certified gas technician. It is the outdoor combustion zone with the highest and better flame. You need to use a remote control to turn on/off, minimum/maximum flame.
  • Bioethanol. Available with burner I or Fire Round (for countries with too much humidity we do not recommend the Fire Round outdoors as it may damage the electronic components). We suggest the protection cover and you must ensure no any rainwater comes inside the burner. Both the burner I and Fire Round work in the same as explained above. You must use bioethanol with good quality to ensure perfect flame and combustion.

Note: Firewood/Charcoal and Gas are only available for outdoor fire pits.

The Finishings and Colors

A difference made by your personal lifestyle. Immersing in the design process, the options for creating your own GlammFire fireplace are almost endless. GlammFire offers you innumerable solutions of product finishings—an exceptionally wide choice of colors (RAL), lacquers, stone, wood, and steel, such as stainless, rusted, and varnished corten, among others, and high-temperature resistant glass.

GlammFire’s Different Types of Fires

GlammFire products are remarkably diverse and designed to suit and satisfy the needs and requirements of a broad range of residential and commercial buildings as well as individual customer preferences. Below, we'll look at the different types of fires that GlammFire manufactures and Patio Pelican sells and distributes—highlighting the important features that make each one perfect for the ideal customer. 

GlammFire Stravaganza - Firewood/Charcoal Fire Pit-Patio Pelican

1. Bioethanol Fireplaces

For many years, GlammFire has produced high-quality bioethanol fireplaces, and they are skilled in manufacturing and designing fireplaces that are not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sustainable. 

Specially designed to burn good quality bioethanol, GlammFire Exclusive Bioethanol Fireplaces make you feel warm and comfortable by providing you with an incredibly dancing flame, the most real in the world. Usually, bioethanol fireplaces require no chimneys or pipes, and most of the heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol stays in the room.

Watch: How to Light the GlammFire Bioethanol Fireplaces

GlammFire Zarzuela - Bioethanol Fire Pit-Patio Pelican

2. Bioethanol Firepits and Barbecues

GlammFire remixes the established codes and states its personality further with a new signature. Discover a new dimension of a festive meeting and celebrate the rarity of the moment with GlammFire's Outdoor Bioethanol Firepits and Barbecues.

Few products are as opulent as GlammFire's Firepits and Barbecues for customers who want to spruce up their garden, patio, or poolside area. These stunning fires may be tailored to any exterior design you and your customer are considering and are ideal for a multitude of lifestyles.  Each of GlammFire's firepits and barbecues is capable of bringing a distinctive and decadent accent to any décor or space. They are not only full of character but also a great blend of art and functionality.

GlammFire's Outdoor Bioethanol Firepits and Barbecues are not only innovative, contemporary, and distinctive, but they are also the ideal solutions for anyone who wants to modify or personalize their fire in any style they like as they offer such a high degree of versatility and customization.

Watch: GlammFire's Outdoor Bioethanol Firepits and Barbecues

3. Bioethanol Fireplace Burners

    Fully made from stainless steel, the GlammFire bioethanol burners feature a contemporary design and outstanding manufacturing quality. The resistance and safety of the materials employed reinforce their excellent versatility as pieces of highly functional and decorative nature. They are more and more becoming part of projects by architects, interior designers, and decorators.

    Users who want to take full advantage of the most contemporary features on the market should consider GlammFire's bioethanol fireplace burners as these products fully integrate with aesthetics and efficacy that create stunning visual elements or focal points to transform any outdoor living space into elegantly and stylishly fashionable, more modern version of itself.

    Watch: GlammFire Bioethanol Burner

    4. Electric Fireplaces

      Any outdoor living spaces or exterior designs would benefit greatly from one of GlammFire's electric fireplaces. Whether you want to install a fire in the living room or bedroom, GlammFire electric fireplaces can provide you with exactly what you're looking for. These fireplaces are suitable for a wide range of settings, thanks to their versatility they will greatly improve and transform any outdoor living space.

      Because GlammFire's electric fireplaces are sleek, beautiful, high-quality, and environmentally friendly, you never have to compromise the aesthetic and design you have in mind.  For customers who are passionate about owning a technologically cutting-edge, futuristic fire, GlammFire also offers Electric 3D Water Vapour Fire Technology goods. With the help of these products, you can design an inviting interior that will attract your guests. The luxury provided by 3D technology is unmatched, and it also provides extreme visual comfort and artistic harmony.

      GlammFire Cosmo - Bioethanol Tabletop Fireplace-Patio Pelican

      5. Tabletops 

        GlammFire wants to turn intimate moments even more special and memorable with its collection of tabletop fireplaces. A set of exclusive products that fulfill the range of already existing fireplaces. The details and high-quality workmanship build the heat and fire with their peculiar shapes and small sizes.

        Watch: GlammFire’s Collection of Tabletop Fireplaces

        GlammFire Tile Hyperion - Outdoor Gas Heater-Patio Pelican

        6. Gas Heaters

          Start a new way of heating and elegance for all outside spaces with GlammFire’s collection of Gas Heaters. Outdoor gas heaters that combine productivity and an inspiring design are fully capable of uniting themselves to any decorative element and to the nights spent with friends and family. Available in several styles and designs, with the mobility required to transport it, it is the adjuvant you were looking for to take maximum advantage of all the spaces you have!

          Watch: Hyperion Outdoor Gas Heater

          Patio Pelican’s Takeaways

          When it comes to functionality and style, GlammFire products are among the most advanced. Here are the 10 reasons why you should choose and love GlammFire. 

          1. Safety
          2. Customization
          3. Eco-friendly
          4. International Brand
          5. Technology
          6. Exclusive Designs
          7. Products for all seasons of the year
          8. Quality
          9. Variety of Products
          10. Versatility

          The will for greater efficiency, search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products. Patio Pelican is thrilled and proud to offer you these premium products—providing pleasant warmth on clear and cool nights while creating a stunning and inviting atmosphere—the perfect solution to help you enjoy your backyard throughout all seasons!