Introduction to Shadowspec Umbrellas

Shadowspec is the trusted provider of superior outdoor cantilever umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are more than a provider of shade, they also reflect a certain lifestyle.  

With over 30 years of experience, Shadowspec leads the way in shade technology and design with some of the world’s best cantilever umbrellas, hand-built in New Zealand. Combining ease-of-use, superior shade and classy, refined designs to ensure Shadowspec is unparalleled the world over. 

Shadowspec Retreat™ Wall Mounted Umbrella - Hexagon 9'-Patio Pelican

Shadowspec’s range of outdoor shade umbrellas delivers shade for commercial use whilst also serving as the perfect home shade. Shadowspec is based in New Zealand but now a global player with distribution of outdoor cantilever umbrellas across the USA and Australia. Their flagship line of umbrellas is designed and hand-built by their team in their factory. This gives them ultimate control over the product to ensure it stands up and stands out in every installation, anywhere in the world. 

By taking control of the manufacturing, they can guarantee workmanship and craftsmanship are melded together. Their patented designs and technology are designed and tested by an in-house team of shade experts with the same goal in mind: Bringing people together. 

Shadowspec Unity™ Cantilever Umbrella - Octagon Duo 11’-Patio Pelican

Why Choose Shadowspec Umbrellas? 

Shadowspec umbrellas are made from the best materials available. Anodized aluminum, tough resin hubs and 316 stainless steel componentry and combined by out in-house manufacturing team to produce the Shadowspec Unity™ and Shadowspec Serenity™ Cantilever Umbrellas. 

Combined with Sunbrella fabric canopies, hand-sewn by a local marine firm, Shadowspec Umbrellas are fit for any purpose. 

They use rapid prototyping technology and smart processes to ensure they're always a step ahead - giving their customers access to the best possible shade. They have worked hard on logistics too, ensuring they have enough stock for small or large projects with short, 2-week lead times on most of their lines. 

Shadowspec Unity™ Cantilever Umbrella - Square Duo 10’-Patio Pelican

Patented Technology

They’re proud of the technology in each umbrella. The Shadowlift™ gas spring enables an anti-gravity lift. The Shadowglide™ combines with this to create a quick, easy-to-use deployment system that’s unrivalled. Full 360-degree rotation is enabled by the Shadowlock™ lever at the base of the umbrella. Light the way with the Shadowhub™ with built-in LED light enables the Shadowspec Serenity and Unity umbrellas to provide light via the optional smart battery. 

Shadowspec Retreat™ Wall Mounted Umbrella - Hexagon 9'-Patio Pelican

Choosing the Right Umbrella for Your Space

Shadowspec Umbrellas are perfect for outdoor patio spaces. Discovering the best one for your space is easy. There are three standard questions to ask, how big, what colour and what mounting: 

How Much Space Do You Want to Shade? 

This will determine what size of umbrella and how many of the umbrellas you’ll need. Shadowspec Cantilever umbrellas start at 2.5m Square. These can be combined into Duo, Trio or Quattro versions to extend up to 36m2 / 387 sqft.

What Color is Best for Your Space? 

Shadowspec’s range of Recasens and Sunbrella fabrics are available in a range of colors. We’ve selected four popular colours that are always in stock and also have a selection of designer fabrics you can choose from. These do, however, have an extended lead time. 

How Do You Want to Mount Your Umbrella? 

Shadowspec's cantilever umbrellas have four mounting options too. Wall Mount, Surface Plate, Free-Standing Base and In-ground Anchor. 

1. The Wall Mount is great for locations where you can’t pierce the surface but need a semi-permanent structure. This does restrict the rotation capacity of the umbrellas.

2. The Surface Plate is the most popular installation system, enabling a retrofit of spaces. Bolts into existing decks or paving areas and provides a sturdy platform for the Shadowspec Umbrellas. 

3. Free-standing Bases are great for areas that can’t have permanent shade. These bases require paving stones for ballast and can be fitted with optional caster wheels so they can be maneuvered exactly where they need to be. 

4. The In-ground Anchor is popular with new builds. These anchors are concreted into the ground to provide stability and are best used during the construction of new outdoor areas.

Shadowspec Unity™ Cantilever Umbrella - Square Duo 10’-Patio Pelican

The Shadowspec Unity™ Multi-canopy Cantilever Umbrella

A new class of shade, the Shadowspec Unity is their flagship model. With a modular approach to shade, the Unity is best suited to large spaces and commercial settings. With the ability to have up to four canopies off one central mast, the Unity is an iconic and useful shade system. Available in Duo, Trio and Quattro configurations, and their full range of colors, you’ll find the perfect patio umbrella in the Unity. 

Shadowspec Serenity™ Rotating Cantilever Umbrella - Octagon 13'-Patio Pelican

The Shadowspec Serenity™ Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

The Shadowspec Serenity is strong and easy-to-use. Popular at home and in hospitality settings, the Serenity stands out. Similar to the Unity in design and principle only with a single-channel mast enabling shade on an intimate level. Available in the full range of colours and with square or octagonal frames. 

Shadowspec Retreat™ Wall Mounted Umbrella - Hexagon 9'-Patio Pelican

The Shadowspec Retreat™ The Wall Mounted Umbrella

The newest member of their New Zealand Designed umbrella range, the Shadowspec Retreat is designed to fit compact clever spaces with ease. Similar to the rest of their range, the Retreat is easy to use and packed full of technology that enables easy deployment and clever features for tilting, extending and rotating the umbrella. 

Wall mounted umbrellas from Shadowspec are sleek and modern, featuring the same marine-grade construction materials as the rest of our line and providing sublime outdoor living.

Shadowspec Serenity™ Rotating Cantilever Umbrella - Octagon 13'-Patio Pelican

Outdoor Umbrellas

Adding shade to your patio is important. It transforms the area into a comfortable and practical setting that you can enjoy all year round. If you want to provide cover without boxing in your space or blocking views, a cantilever umbrella will deliver everything you need. 

Outdoor umbrellas offer a diversity of outdoor living, whereas permanent structures like pergolas are permanent, umbrellas can be used to provide shade when you need it.