4 Reasons to Love Electric Fireplaces

Whether you are looking for a fireplace that offers warmth and a romantic ambiance or are interested in a fireplace that is extremely fuel efficient, an electric fireplace is the new technology of choice. Electric fireplaces offer some advantages over their traditional counterparts, furnaces, and wood-burning stoves. Not only do they improve your outdoor living space's aesthetic value, but they also make it much more comfortable too. If you have not tried electric fireplaces yet, here are some of the reasons why they should be at the top of your list:

1. They are Energy Efficient

Electric fireplace energy efficiency is measured by how much energy it uses to produce heat. A modern electric fireplace, one that uses electricity to heat up the air and transfer that heat into the room, will be more efficient than a traditional stove. Electric fireplaces don’t use chimneys or vents, meaning all the heat that is produced stays in the home, unlike their gas counterparts, where a portion of the heat is lost outside through the venting. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “most traditional open fireplaces lose over 90 percent of the fire’s heat out the chimney, and much of the heated air in the room goes with it.” Since drafts come in through the chimney, your already heated room gets cold again after a few gusts of freezing air going down. But when using an electric fireplace, rooms get warm immediately and stay in place.

2. They are Easy to Install

Electric fireplaces are by far the simplest method to integrate when it comes to enhancing your home entertainment layout. Major renovations are necessary in order to add a classic wood-burning fireplace, which will be costly and intrusive to your everyday life. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, is a straightforward device that only needs an outlet to work. It's a one-step procedure! You only need to plug it in and you're ready to go.

The Amantii Symmetry Extra Tall Built-in Smart WiFi Electric Fireplace is easy to install and integrate into the included surround, this electric fireplace can be the perfect choice for your home or commercial space. The bigger, the better! Compared to other models in the Symmetry series, the Amantii Symmetry Extra Tall offers a larger viewing area with its clear 18" tall display.  Unencumbered by unsightly venting and red glowing grills, the Symmetry Extra Tall features a stunning true clean face display. New to the Symmetry series are two flame patterns – choose from Amantii’s traditional diffused flame appearance and a new realistic flame style.

3. They are Safer Than Traditional Fireplaces

Smoke is typically associated with fire, but not with electric fireplaces. These cutting-edge innovations emit no smoke compared to a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Traditional fireplaces can pose some risks to your health and the environment if they are not installed properly, or worse, if you don’t know what precautions to take! The smoke and fumes produced by the fire could reach your living space if there isn't enough ventilation. These fumes contain various hazardous and fatal chemicals, including formaldehyde and benzene.

Additionally, since there isn't any open flame involved with powering up an electric fireplace, it doesn't produce toxic emissions like those found in wood or gas stoves, so you won't have any concern over carbon monoxide poisoning that poses a grave threat to your health. Electric fireplaces are also the best option for people who have children or pets as they have cool surfaces, meaning you don’t have to worry about burns from touching them.

4. They Come in Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs and expectations of the user. So, whatever your taste is, you'll be able to find one that fits your budget, home style, and quality expectations. They can be traditional or contemporary in appearance to match any type of home decor or architectural style. They also provide the owner with complete control over their ideal fire experience. Depending on the model, you can change the brightness, flame speed, flame color, and other settings to suit your mood, style, and needs.

Patio Pelican’s Takeaway

You can't possibly go wrong with installing a fireplace in your home or outdoor living space. 

Convincing yourself that an electric fireplace is the right choice for you has just gotten a whole lot easier. You'd be hard-pressed to find a downside to that. So go ahead and make your living spaces warmer and more beautiful with an electric fireplace.

Additionally, this convenient and affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors saves you money on wood purchases and delivery, provides an artistic element to your living space, reduces air pollutants, and enhances the aesthetic value of your outdoor social area. These Electric Outdoor Fireplaces are safe to use, easy to install, and most of all, provide a unique elegance that can only be achieved by a fire. If you want to add a touch of class and warmth, look no further than our selections of Electric Outdoor Fireplaces, the trouble-free choice for adding warmth and ambiance to your outdoor area.

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