5 Winter Patio Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

When the temperature drops, homeowners tend to forget about their outdoor living spaces, leaving them covered up and unused until spring. Believe us, the pleasure you get from spending time outside outweighs the time, work, and resources required for a winter patio makeover. So whether you need to completely redo your patio or just need some decoration ideas, we have you covered. Here are five winter patio ideas for a cozy outdoor living space:

1. Install an Outdoor Firepit

Firepits are a great way to extend the season of warmth into the colder months. They provide a space for you to enjoy some time with your friends or family, while also providing a cozy spot to warm up during chilly evenings. A firepit is also a great way to add some rustic appeal while creating an intimate atmosphere in your outdoor living space. It can be used all year round, so you won't have to worry about leaving it out only during the winter months.

You can find options that are portable and easy to use, like the Leonard Wood-Burning firepit from Real Flame. It’s a freestanding, round fire bowl that provides a warm, inviting ambiance without the hassle of a fixed, in-ground firepit and can be conveniently moved to different settings.

However, if you have a small space in your backyard, Firepit Art’s Vesuvius Wood-Burning Firepit is the right one for you. Its vertical construction and small footprint take up little space in your backyard, and its intricate flame motif carvings beautifully highlight the flames dancing inside, reminding us of exactly what it is for—to burn and keep you warm!

You can choose from many different designs and materials, but look for a firepit that matches your home’s exterior design. You want your firepit to look like part of the outdoor decor, not feel like an eyesore sitting there awkwardly in the middle of everything else. That's what will make your outdoor living space truly memorable during the winter season!  

Find the perfect outdoor firepit for your outdoor living space by browsing our full selections of wood-burning, gas, and bioethanol firepits.

2. Invest in an Outdoor Fireplace

Get out of the blankets, light up the fire, enjoy the crackling sounds of the dancing flames, and relish the beauty of a winter wonderland with an outdoor fireplace. Nothing can keep many snow enthusiasts from having some outdoor fun in the winter and having an outdoor fireplace is simply one more way they may enjoy the season. Additionally, outdoor fireplaces not only bring warmth and comfort but also provide a more stylish aesthetic than just having a firepit in your backyard, allowing you to use more of your outdoor living space in the winter season.

An outdoor fireplace combines the best form and function of your patio and encourages you to spend more time outdoors while the flames crackle and fire lights up the chilly night. Whether it's toasting marshmallows over the flames or savoring a glass of wine or hot beverage with loved ones, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to celebrate. 

An outdoor fireplace can be either portable or built-in. Portable fireplaces, like the GlammFire Tuli - Floor Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace can be moved to add warmth to multiple locations. With a sleek and contemporary design, this premium fire place will captivate everyone’s eyes with its commanding presence and style while bringing added coziness, comfort, convenience, practicality, and functionality.

Permanent or built-in outdoor fireplaces offer an extra degree of luxury and style to your outdoor living spaces, like the Panorama Deep Indoor/Outdoor Built-in Electric Fireplace from Amantii. Its integrated heater unit can comfortably heat a space of up to 500 square feet, making it an excellent choice for zone heating during the winter season. 

To enjoy the great outdoors throughout the winter or all year round, choose from our collection of outdoor fireplaces, which includes electric, gas, and wood-burning models.

3. Get a Portable or Wall and Ceiling Mounted Outdoor Heater

Don't let the cold weather keep you cuddled up indoors this winter. As temperatures drop, outdoor heating allows the continued function of outdoor living spaces. And unless you live in a state where winter temperatures can decline below 0°F, consumers can expect outdoor heating systems to provide adequate warmth. Outdoor heaters are a smart and great investment to create your outdoor oasis and can make all the difference when frigid weather begins.

There are a wide variety of options for outdoor heaters. It could be a portable or freestanding unit like the powerful and versatile Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Portable Heaters from Bromic Heating. It leads the way in outdoor infrared heating, and its stylish design and innovative heating technology ensure your outdoor space will be a warm and welcoming place.

It could also be flush-mounted into the wall or ceiling of a covered exterior space or nearby eaves, like the Calcana High Output Patio Heater. Install this high-output patio heater on your deck or on any open outdoor space to provide cozy, comfortable warmth during the winter season. Calcana's heaters have a patented design that transforms gas-fired power into infrared waves of pleasant warmth. 

Using your patio or any outdoor living space can really be a challenge in the wintertime due to the cold, wind, rain, or even snow, but because of the radiating heat they produce, patio heaters are among the best options you have for heating your patio during cold weather. Your outdoor living spaces deserve the best, and that’s why we only offer patio heaters from premium brands. Our selection of patio heaters will keep you warm in style!

4. Install a BBQ Grill Island or Outdoor Pizza Oven

Grilling on a cold day is one of life’s small pleasures, so don’t let the frigid temperatures devitalize your hunger for outdoor cooking. Once your heating and lighting are ready, why not fire up the grill and show off your searing prowess? There’s no shortage of winter-friendly meals, perfect for enjoying a cold-weather family dinner out on your patio. The warmth of the grill and those delicious, smoky smells are just perfect in wintry weather. 

Despite weather constraints, grilling year-round has become a common activity for people who crave freshly roasted dishes outside of the normal summer season. Plus, during colder months, you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat while grilling up your favorite recipes. Cook anything you want, whenever you want, and experience something new and fun with BBQ Grill Island. Our collections of BBQ Grill Islands include everything you need this winter to create your own outdoor haven —the perfect balance between style and functionality!

You can also invest and install an Outdoor Pizza Oven. It doesn’t just work great in the nice weather but you can absolutely use them in the cold dark days of winter too. It just takes a little planning and preparation and some extra layers of clothes, and you can make piping hot pizza even as fresh snow is falling.

5. Get your Pergola Winter-Ready

It goes without saying that a pergola's main purpose is to create a private haven that is exclusive to you and your guests. These pergolas are great when the weather is sunny and warm. But as soon as the temperatures begin to drop, you may be tempted to retire the pergola until spring. While this is understandable, don’t miss out on making lasting memories year-round with Pergola. 

According to Gary Duff Designs, one way to make your pergola a cozy spot during colder temperatures is to add winter-friendly furniture and warm textiles. Choose soft and well-padded furniture and add some twinkling outdoor fairy lights. Cold stone or plastic seating won’t warm up with body heat, so be sure to provide cushions for permanent seating arrangements. Keep thick blankets on hand to add an extra layer of warmth. And to keep the chill off your feet, add carpets under your covered pergola.

Our wide range of pergolas fits all tastes all year round, so you can create the perfect setting for entertaining or relaxing. Choose from our extensive range of products to create a relaxing, intimate space that can be used for a range of purposes—from reading to dining, or just chilling out and enjoying some downtime during the winter season.

You can also incorporate a statement firepit for an eye-catching focal point. According to Jonny Brierley, CEO of Moda Furnishings, firelight creates a more intimate setting, allowing your guests to relax and unwind. Fire provides a visual, psychological comfort from which you and your guests will benefit.

Patio Pelican’s Takeaways

Don't let the cold keep you cooped up inside, instead, embrace the cold and make use of it. Create a warm space in your backyard or around your house so that you can enjoy having friends and family over during the winter months. And while this list is only five ideas long, there are countless other ways that you can bring warmth to the outdoors, allowing you to truly enjoy what nature has to offer during this time of year. The possibilities are truly endless for creating a space you can enjoy year-round, no matter what the season. 

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