8 Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens have come a long way since the days of ramshackle picnic tables and a few lawn chairs. Today's outdoor kitchen spaces are sleek, sophisticated, and downright stylish. Not only do they add value to your property, but they also make you feel like you're in your own little slice of paradise.

The best thing about outdoor kitchens is that they're versatile. You can use them to host parties and cookouts, but you don't need to limit it to just that—they can also be great for entertaining friends and family, or simply enjoying the outdoors in general.

Patio Pelican is here to show you some outdoor kitchen ideas that will help you get started on creating an outdoor kitchen area that feels unique and stylish and will really inspire you to get cooking.

1. Outdoor Kitchen and Living Room

Outdoor living room is indeed one of the best places to spend summer nights. A giant wooden arched or a premium weather-resistant vinyl pergola will help you define your outdoor living space and make it feel like a real living room. Add a fire or dining table plus outdoor seats and place them conveniently next to an outdoor grill so that the cooking can be part of the gathering. The joy and simple pleasures of eating al fresco are maximized when you have efficient appliances within reach and a well-constructed outdoor dining area to enjoy the delicious fare. You may also add some hanging lanterns to light the pergola for a soft golden glow and an outdoor fireplace to bring a warm & comforting atmosphere to your outdoor kitchen space!

2. Modern, Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen

For minimalists, Portuguese-based GlammFire's La Bohème features a sleek design that offers a  Firewood/Charcoal grill with a built-in and integrated sink and tap. This BBQ showcases boldness with elegance enhanced by its black color. An exclusive drop-in style grill, offering a streamlined look for your outdoor kitchen. With classic and modern features and superior grilling performance, you can't go wrong with this outdoor kitchen to get you cooking in style. 

La Bohème is made of high-quality and durable steel to withstand the test of time available in brushed and ridged stainless steel or a brushed carbon black finish. This model also comes in a wide range of versions: La Bohème Grill with Gas Hob, La Bohème Gas Grill with Oven, and La Bohème Gas Grill and Oven with Gas Hob.

3. Outdoor Pizza Oven 

This outdoor kitchen features a pizza oven that is perfect for casual entertaining. Outdoor pizza ovens are great for creating a fun party atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen space. If you live in an area where freezing winter weather still afflicts you and your family, a pizza oven is an easy, affordable solution to your outdoor cooking woes.

With an outdoor pizza oven, you can create amazing pizzas in your backyard - plus, you'll never have to leave the warmth and comfort of your patio! Whether you’re building a new or adding to an existing outdoor kitchen, having an outdoor pizza oven is a tremendous bonus in your space.

4. Outdoor Living Space With Wood Burning Fireplace

Spruce up your outdoors and create a relaxing and stylish kitchen space with a wood-burning stacked stone fireplace. Its rich texture gives it an elegant look, and makes it perfect for a fire pit, hearth, or just a place to enjoy the outdoors—perfect for entertaining family and friends!

Adjust the logs, set the kindling, and ignite a majestic blaze! Whether it's a cooler summer evening or a frosty winter's night, no other type of fireplace offers the beauty and comfort of a wood-burning fireplace in your outdoor kitchen.

You can fully equip this outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, grill, bar dining area, and ample counter space for prep work,  completing the picture of cozy, casual outdoor living. Wood-burning fireplaces are also a wonderful way to add ambiance and heat to your outdoor space. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen With Stainless BBQ Grill

This outdoor kitchen rivals the grandest indoor ones with its chef-grade cooktop grill and BBQ island. This BBQ grill is made of high-quality stainless steel, a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Available in various stone or wood finishings, this attractive design will really complement your outdoor kitchen space–making alfresco meals a snap.

6. Entertaining Space

Whether you want to add space or heat to your existing deck, remodeling a backyard kitchen like this one is a great way to bring the outdoors in—perfectly designed for hosting friends and family.

The stainless steel BBQ grill, built-in sink and tap, dining table, and modern linear fireplace complete the dreamy outdoor kitchen setup to offer the most comfortable setting possible while looking at nature!

7. Family Style

It is indeed important that the design of your outdoor kitchen space is functional for the whole family—prioritizing hardworking fabrics and an open-concept layout that connects to the outdoors for the family—kids and dogs included—to move around. Also, consider the proximity before you decide where to post up your outdoor kitchen. A space that boasts indoor or outdoor flow—like a kitchen-adjacent patio or sunroom—is your best bet.

8. Camouflage the Space in Nature

If you love the design of your outdoor kitchen to whisper rather than scream, choose finishes that seamlessly blend in with your surroundings. Concealing the front of the outdoor kitchen cabinetry with natural toned wood similar to the outdoor fencing and a tall angled pergola gives this outdoor kitchen a cohesive look.

Here, the backyard cohesively embraces a dynamic cook space, kitted in vertical green subway tile, stone countertops, and other natural textures that reflect the backyard landscape. Bright blue chairs around the dining table add a vibrantly colored point of reference that accentuates the surrounding greenery.

Patio Pelican’s Takeaways

If you want to add a little bit of luxury to your backyard, you should consider installing an outdoor kitchen. Not only will this be a great way to entertain guests and enjoy your own company, but it will also help keep your yard looking beautiful all year round.

Patio Pelican has a wide range of supplies for al fresco cooking, dining, and entertaining.  We believe in creating wonderful outdoor kitchen spaces that will extend your home by bringing the inside out.  We have carefully selected the highest quality products in the market that are both innovative and stylish. We offer an extensive product range, all worthy of helping you in your quest to create your dream outdoor kitchen space. We are proud to supply fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchen islands, pergolas, and more.  

Patio Pelican is here to help you enhance the look, function, and value of your outdoor kitchen space!

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